Getting Organic Search Traffic

I got my first few hits from organic searches today (real ones, not people searching for “” or “bingo card creator”). One was from MSN for “free Dolch sight word lists”, which I do offer (previously you had to extract them from my trial, but I decided to put the actual list up for search engine bait and hope some people convert while they’re reading). That page must have gotten an inbound from somebody other than me, yay. Its actually doing its job.

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2 Comments on “Getting Organic Search Traffic”

  1. DanH Says:

    How does having the list itself on the page serve as “search bait”? Are people searching on the actual words themselves (i.e. googling +a +and +away +big +blue, etc.)?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Yes, it does. Not typically for the Dolch words, but my other word lists often pick up long tail traffic because they’re in niches where there are few other options. For example, if you are looking for “bingo about cheddar”, it is highly likely my Cheeses Bingo page (which includes the word cheddar) will match your query.

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