Getting started with eSellerate

I got my eSellerate account approved a few days ago and haven’t gotten around to actually setting it up for the website yet.  That will be one of my priorities for this weekend.  The actual mechanics of getting the product up and running are smooth as silk, and I estimate that I have played around with them for about 4-5 hours and could get a product listed in under 30 minutes if I really wanted to, start to finish.  The main difficulty is skinning the site to make it look and feel like your website.

My one complain about eSellerate — the number of pages you have to click through just screams “Abandon this software purchase!”.  The lowest I’ve been able to force it to is about 5 steps.  Yeah, egads.

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One Comment on “Getting started with eSellerate”

  1. Warren Stevens Says:

    There were a few too many screens with eSellerate, but my main complaint was the admin setup. I was just looking for a simple “Add product” (fill in name, version, etc) setup. Their interface seems to be able to handle just about any combination of anything (re-sellers, coupons, versioning, tons of products, cross-selling, up-selling, MANY etc’s) but it really comes at the expensive of being simple to add a single product.

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