Yay for iterative improvements

Last week I was paying roughly $1 per trial download.  Now I’m paying $.50.  I hope by next week to be paying about $.30.

The secrets, such that they are, are mostly in the post right below: dropping non-performing ads, optimizing for CR instead of CTR, and tuning my landing pages.  Incidentally, I found another no-brainer: underlining hyperlinks, which is probably partially responsible for the a 10% increase in people successfully finding the trial.  (This is on top of the 100% increase I got from making that trial a button, but apparently some folks actually read the text I spent so much time writing…)

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2 Comments on “Yay for iterative improvements”

  1. Gavin Bowman Says:

    I noticed that the quick links section on your site doesn’t work properly in IE. The link colour changes to white when you hover over, but the background colour doesn’t go dark. In other words, when you hover over the links they disappear.

    Probably won’t get you down to $0.30, but maybe $0.49 ;).

  2. Patrick Says:

    Thanks. I’ll try to fix that tonight. Boo boo for browser incompatibilities.

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