Another Payment Processor To Look At

I decided to switch my payment processing from Payloadz to .  I’ll be keeping Payloadz around for their web store link but driving all the traffic from my site to e-junkie.  There are three major reasons:

Automatic Redirection: Its absolutely crucial to me that I be able to redirect customers back to my site after the transaction is completed.  Currently, I just want to capture the fact that they’ve made a purchase with Google Analytics.  However, I’m thinking of eventually displaying their registration code in-line in the page and dropping them directly at a quick-start guide.  e-junkie made this trivially simple to accomplish.  Payloadz… not so much.  I had to hack up a form myself for each link I wanted this behavior on, which was not an option considering that form would have to be in my site navigation on every page.

Rational Pricing: e-junkie is $5 a month, regardless of how much I sell.  Payloadz is… strange.  For sales under $100 in any consecutive 30 days I pay nothing.  If I get above $100, I have to pay $15, and that continues to $500.  At which point I have to pay $29.  And so on and so forth.  Frankly, I don’t know where my monthly sales are going to stabilize and don’t want them stabilizing at a point where I routinely pay 12-15% of sales to somebody doing, well, essentially not a heck of a lot for me.

Customer experience: Payloadz let me add my own text to emails to my customer, but I couldn’t change their default text, which was not applicable to my product and does not match my tone elsewhere.  e-junkie let me write my own email template, soup to nuts.  I also don’t have to have their corporate name present anywhere visible to the user at any point in the process, which I rather like because neither Payloadz nor e-junkie screams “responsible businessman of the sort I am glad to pay to get educational materials from”, which is sort of what I’m going for.

I would still heartily recommend Payloadz to people selling, say, $5 e-books on eBay.  And eventually I’ll stop paying e-junkie and roll my own IPN solution.  Perhaps.  I figure that will take me 2 hours, and $5 a month is not really worth 2 hours of my time…

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3 Comments on “Another Payment Processor To Look At”

  1. John Says:

    Just curious why you chose not to use Google Checkout for your payment processing?

  2. Patrick Says:

    I have a few reasons.

    1) I’m not US based, which freezes me out of their beta if I do things legitimately. I could *pretend* to be US based by using a bank account I have in the US and an address I used to live at, but that doesn’t sit well with me, particularly because…
    2) … if you use Google Checkout they will display a physical address to your users. Both physical addresses I have connections to scream “private residence” and frankly I don’t want to disclose them to anybody at any rate.
    3) Using Google Checkout would force me to “roll my own” registration key delivery system using their too-complex-for-my-blood API, and/or force me to manually work for every order. Neither is worth my time at the moment.

    I’ll consider Google checkout once they roll out to Japan, let me decide what level of detail concnering my private life I wish to share with my customers, and have third-parties create easily plug-it-in-and-it-works registration key delivery scripts.

  3. tamy Says:

    If you are located in EU, check it out with ChronoPay, they have no monthly or annual fees, they provides everything you need to accept and process payments by credit and (some) debit cards online.

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