Coolest mISV Product Ever

I just learned that JOS regular Phil makes software for chimney sweeps.  If the prospect of this doesn’t make you smile, you have neither soul nor taste in Disney movies.

Chim-chiminey chim-chiminey chim chim charoo, I does what I likes and I likes what I do…  

Chim-chiminey chim-chiminey chim chim, cheree, a sweeper’s as lucky as lucky can be. 

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2 Comments on “Coolest mISV Product Ever”

  1. Phil Says:

    hehe thanks Patrick, if I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard that song since starting this business…well that would be a mISV in and of itself.

  2. Zak Says:

    Cool link. 🙂 (And, as an aside, great content on your website… (via microisv book blog)).

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