From “Minimize CPC” to “Maximize Conversions”

I just upped my spending limit to $3 a few days ago and expected triple the traffic vs $1.  Instead, I got roughly $1.25 worth of traffic a day.  Heh, whoops.  It turns out that I was so successful at minimizing my CPC I am now able to pay for all the clicks my ads would generate in a day, with money left over.  Time to see if I can’t increase the CTR a bit without increasing my cost per conversion that much…

Here’s my rolling weekly average:

Ad Group #1 (pitching BCC to someone searching for ways to make bingo cards): 600 impressions, 8% CTR, 23% conversion, .52 CPA

Ad Group #2 (pitching Dolch bingo cards, my killer app, to people searching for Dolch word lists): 2100 impressions, 1.5% CTR,  17% conversion (a bad week), .46 CPA
As a stopgap measure I’ve turned off the position preference, which should see my ads return to the #1 spot as well…  We’ll see if that helps conversions or not.

That reminds me, I should start advertising in Australia/Great Britain soon.

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