Fie Upon You, YSM

I decided to check my Yahoo Search Marketing stats today, which is always an ordeal.  And I was pleasantly suprised to see a weekly conversion rate in the 60% region, spiking to 80% on many days…

80%?!  No, sorry, something is rotten in the land of Denmark.  So I started drilling around…

My main ad terms looked somewhere in the realm of plausibility, and then I got down to the Long Tail of searchers, the kind that get clicked on once in a week… and which had 300% conversion rates.  Some bug in Yahoo’s CR tracking has been causing them to pick up multiple hits nearly every time somebody visits my download page (possibly because folks visit the download page multiple times — this is especially easy to do if you’re running IE and double-click links by habit instead of single clicking them).

So now I’ve got to figure out some way to test whether YSM is actually performing decently or if its entirely a mirage caused by poor data analysis.  Boo.

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