Early Results of Auto-Submission Experiment

My traffic on Monday, which isn’t yet all collected (I’d guess its approximately 60% over, given how Analytics imposes a delay on things) shows that I had my highest traffic ever today, surpassing even the spike from the pirate kings.  Its roughly 25% above my previous peak traffic, and roughly double what my traffic a week ago was.

Drilling down into the numbers, my paid advertising is performing at about the same level as normal (had an exceptionally good day on Google and a poor day on Yahoo, so they averaged out) and my organic search engine performance has not changed for a week.  However, the number of “direct” hits I got on my website increased by almost an order of magnitude, and I’m getting a significant number of referrals from one download site in particular and a long tail of them from two dozen smaller sites.

Most of the “direct” hits (when you get to a web page via your address bar) are coming from trial installs which originated off of my site.  Assuming that roughly 10% of folks downloading the trial are updating, which is what my numbers have generally looked like, I had more trial installs in the last 24 hours than I’ve had in the last two weeks (exclusive of download.com).  (Why can’t I just grep my HTTP logs for BingoCardCreatorInstaller.exe?  Because some download sites download the exe from my site and host it themselves, so if they give out 100 trials they only generate one result in my logs.)
Well, that certainly worked out well.  If any significant portion of this new traffic converts RoboSoft is getting my money as promised.

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One Comment on “Early Results of Auto-Submission Experiment”

  1. Ryan Smyth Says:

    The ROI on RoboSoft is pretty hard to determine as direct downloads from sites are always a poor measure of performance. You end up with a situation most often where it’s hard to measure specific visitors when they hit the payment page. RoboSoft will also push you up in search engines which makes your own site more valuable. Getting stats on that is pretty hard to do, and even if you’re able to, they’ll never be really reliable.

    There’s a cookie system that you can use along with configuring your download to trigger with a different installer name that matches the given download site. This makes things easier and more accurate, but you’re still dealing with cookies.

    Yadda yadda…

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