I’m Reviewed On A High Traffic Web Site!

“Light on functionality and appears to be mostly aimed at people studying English.  Still, if thats what you want, apparently its a pretty good choice.  Easy enough for a stay-at-home mother to use.  3/5″** — Chinese cracker “Poisonous Mists of Gold Mountain”  (* Not entirely sure that the character means mist, as it isn’t used in Japanese.)

Say what you will about Chinese hackers, at the very least they have more amusing pseudonyms than our home-grown miscreants.
** I do not stand by the accuracy of this translation, as I don’t actually read Chinese.  I can just sort of get the gist of it by picking out words in isolation which happen to be the same in Japanese, in much the same manner that you can sort-of understand Portuguese by way of Spanish.

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2 Comments on “I’m Reviewed On A High Traffic Web Site!”

  1. Tam Hanna Says:

    I wonder what you think abouzt piracy.

    I have heard – from some developers, under the hand – that they consider piracy a good way to “distribute” the program.

    Do you think that too?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  2. Patrick Says:

    Do you think that too?

    In a word, no. A pirate downloading my program gives me nothing of value and causes me nothing but headaches — for example, if I was running A/B testing that day, and then 200 people come in to check out the newly hacked software, their downloading my demo skews the heck out of my A/B testing for weeks at a time.

    That being said, I don’t think I lose any sales to piracy, because I sell to a market which is barely capable of finding my product let alone finding a crack for it. 🙂

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