Feature Creep!

A customer convinced me to throw another one on the barbie, as it were.  Here’s whats coming in version 1.04.

  • A fresh new look (stock icons and changing the preview card to more accurately reflect the actual printed card).
  • Choice of fonts.
  • Choice of word wrap (or not).
  • Choice of where to position the printed card on the page (not sure this will make it in).
  • Printing calling cards.
  • Column headings (Doubtful that this will make it in in time but we’ll see.)
  • Card titles (Doubtful that this will make it in in time but we’ll see.)
  • Some minor improvements under the hood.

One of the features on this list took 4 solid hours to implement.  Another took 5 minutes.  Any guesses which was which?

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5 Comments on “Feature Creep!”

  1. 4h: fonts
    5min: word wrap

  2. Patrick Says:

    Word wrap was four hours. 🙂 Welcome to the Joys of JLabel.

  3. I was going to say 4h on the word wrap. I read your post about finding solutions and outsourcing, so I figured the fonts were 5m.

  4. Boofus McGoofus Says:

    I’d guessed 4h for the word wrap. I’m going for 5 min on the calling cards.

  5. Patrick Says:

    We have a winner 🙂

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