Yay, 1.04 Out The Door

Its actually going out right now (go go gadget Robosoft!  I love not having to submit to half a zillion places by myself)

New features of note:

  • Mac version (side note: make one PAD file for Windows, one for Mac.  It will make submitting with Robosoft a lot easier for you.  Trust me on this.)
  • Beautiful new look and feel courtesy of stock icons
  • Word wrap within cells
  • Font family and size are now selectable
  • Ability to center a single card on the page (Remember Sally?  She asked for this.  What Sally wants, Sally gets.)
  • A few minor bug fixes (all display related).

If you want to try out Bingo Card Creator 1.04 why don’t you mosey on over to my website or check your favorite download site over the next couple of days.

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2 Comments on “Yay, 1.04 Out The Door”

  1. Congrats! There’s nothing like finally getting ready to releasing something, whether new products, minor or major updates… what a great feeling of excitement and expectations. Get yourself a beer and take the rest of the day off! 😉

  2. Patrick Says:

    Unfortunately, I have a lethal allergy to alcohol and released at about 2 AM on Monday morning, so taking the rest of the day off isn’t exactly an option. But I appreciate the sentiment :).

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