Update on AdWords

Warning for everyone else currently a happy AdWords customer: go through your lists, look for words which are under 1% CTR, and *scrub*.  My best performing keyword has, over the past month, 1.75% CTR.  It dipped for about a week below 1%.  Random fluctuations, you would think, but Google responded by quadrupling the cost of it.  And even if I pay that for weeks to rehabilitate the keyword there is no guarantee that the minimum bid will ever go down.

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3 Comments on “Update on AdWords”

  1. Elisha Klein Says:

    Maybe it’s a good idea to click your own ads and keep them above 1%. Does that make any sense or would that cost even more ?

  2. Mr Analogy Says:

    What do you mean by *scrub*? Do you mean eliminate them b/c they are not too expensive? Or something else.

    BTW, love your ‘Blog. I’ve only read it a couple of times so far, but very interesting.

  3. Mr Analogy Says:

    OH, one more thing: when you say google 4x’d the cost, do you mean they 4x’d it on the keywords with

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