Crazy Busy This Week

Blog posting has been light due to me being persistently busy with work and a social life, and the business has been more or less running itself.  Here’s my list of stuff to do in near future:

  • See if the Text Link Ads I just bought (trial, really) are going to produce a positive return or not.
  • Get software listed on Tucows (I paid $52 for it, not listed yet)
  • Figure out why my clicks from MSN crashed this last week.  75% decline from my largest source of clicks is worrisome, even if I did have a gain in Google that offset the decline.
  • Thank my lucky stars for having the foresight to create the Mac version.  50% of my (limp) sales this week.
  • Fix thanks.htm because apparently I broke Google’s tracking code *again*.  Oh well, at least I’m positive all my customers are getting their registration keys correctly now — my #1 support issue has vanished totally.  (Big hear-hear for e-junkie, incidentally.)
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4 Comments on “Crazy Busy This Week”

  1. OT: How about some Music cards? You show a scale and a note?

    You would need to show graphics, but having all possible notes for both scales wouldn’t be that hard to develop.

  2. Patrick Says:

    After some research into exactly what it would take to get pictures into Bingo Card Creator I have postponed that general feature set indefinately. It would involve much more complicated UI than I’m comfortable with throwing at my users (I’m the one who gets called when they have problems working with it, after all), and a more or less total redo of the printing logic, which as I’ve mentioned is upwords of 30% of the app and 95% of the complexity.

    The marginal sales I could make do not justify the extra work, at least at this time.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking about that afterwards. You would need to support graphics on the cards, and that could get complicated. Especially for some users.

  4. You talked about maybe writing your next app in .NET.

    Here is an article that you might like… gives a quick overview of how to make a simple app that works in both OSX and Windows.

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