Time To Get Back On Track

Well, the last two weeks have been sort of a lull for me.  I haven’t been doing much actively working on Bingo Card Creator, owing to being busy at the day job and in life otherwise.  It has also had sales which are a little on the slow side.  7 in the last two weeks, which oddly enough would have made me ecstatic 2 months ago but after my first two weeks of September is a wee bit disappointing.

Oh well.  Here are my plans for going forward:

1)  I’m calling Tucows tonight to figure out, ahem, what the heck they have done with my $52.  I am now severely regretting both paying them and paying them via debit card, because if I had paid them with a credit card I could at least charge them back.

2)  I will be canceling my current Text Link Ads campaigns and work with the Text Link Ads “account manager” to see if there are *any* deals possible in the educational space on their site.  If not, oh well.  They have a generous credit for new customers which I will take a bit of advantage of.

3)  Its time for a website update: I’m thinking of making a page for Halloween bingo to get ready for that, with an AdWords campaign to support it.  If I make the page about a month in advance and then link it from this blog with descriptive anchor text, it will get premium placement on the search results for at least MSN.

4)  Its time to sit down with AdWords again for a few hours and overhaul my advertising campaigns.  I’m currently spending $20 a week and getting approximately nothing from it in terms of sales, and thats just throwing away money at present.  I’m decently positive that I made it work once and can make it work again, Google and their penalty algorithms be darned.

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2 Comments on “Time To Get Back On Track”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Be careful about micromanaging an exact marketing->sales conversion, and making changes weekly. You’ll drive yourself nuts worrying that each change made sales worse, and probably even develop some superstitions. Was it the first week of school that drove extra sales, or those extra keywords? The website design, or the phases of the moon?

    Maybe you are not, but I got into this, and I think it hurt me in the long run. For some reason every business has unexplainable cycles, and maybe yours is “beginning of the month = many sales”. I like to give every advertising/marketing idea at least a month of data if not more to try to ensure a direct corelation. In the used car game, May is the peak, and it falls until January. So a change made in September may appear negative in October. Perhaps with my budget thing the end of the year or tax time will be it’s peak. Good luck!

  2. I have found one two of my websites (one for games, another for programming) that the beginning and end of the school year have different traffic fluxes.

    I find less traffic at the beginning for both sites. Mostly due to people getting back to school. At the end of the school year, the game site drops, but the programming site jumps. Why? People need help in programming classes.

    I wonder if some of your lull is the start of school? Teachers are busy getting school moving, so they don’t have time to try a new product out yet?

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