Bleg for my Mac using friends

I recently released Bingo Card Creator on, a Mac software site that is apparently pretty popular.  And by recently I mean less than 12 hours ago.  I’ve already got multiple sales (!) and also multiple bug reports that it doesn’t work on various versions of Mac OS X.  I know it works on at least some Mac machines because I have happy, satisifed customers from the other download sites and I can see successful requests for the check-for-updates page in my HTTP logs which identify themselves as coming from the Mac version.

Two users reporting problems are using Mac OS X 3.9 and 10.4.7.  These numbers might as well be Greek to me since I have no experience using Macs.  The symptom they describe is that the application dies on startup due to Java being unable to find the main class.  This is behavior I am unfortunately distressingly familiar with on Windows, and it is generally the result of a faulty manifest file.  To my knowledge the Mac doesn’t actually read the manifest file (which is in order) but rather uses a special Mac-only pinfo.list file to specify the main class.  However, I have checked and rechecked and the special Mac file which points to the class which is to be executed *appears* to be in proper order.

Thus the request: if you’ve got a Mac OS X lying around, could you please download the software ( and tell me exactly what, if any, error message it produces on your particular version of Mac OS X?  I’d be indebted if you had any suggestions as well.

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3 Comments on “Bleg for my Mac using friends”

  1. Paul Levine Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I just downloaded bingo card creator on my Mac G4, 10.4.7 and MacBook Pro 10.4.7 and it worked fine for me. I don’t use a lot of java apps, so I wouldn’t know were to look for problems that would cause it to crash.

    Here are my suggestions for your Mac version;
    1) You use the option key instead of the command key in the menu items. (i.e. File menu -> New should be COMMAND-N, not OPTION-N). I guess its like this for consistency with your windows version.
    2) The Apply/Cancel buttons on the Mac are supposed to be the other way around. This isn’t a big issue, probably not worth even worrying about.

    Mac OS X is expensive to upgrade to each major version. So you will get users who have version 10.2.x, 10.3.x and 10.4.x. 10.4.8 is the latest update but it just came out a few days ago. Most users are on 10.3.x or 10.4.x, but you will get the occasional 10.2 user.

    BTW, another site you should post your mac software to is Its a very popular site similar to

  2. Arnaud Rolly Says:


    I tested Bingo Card Creator on my MacBook with Mac OS X 10.4.8, it works well (printing not tested!)

    Let me help you for the implementation of the first suggestion of Paul Levine : when setting the accelerator on a JMenuItem, insted of selecting yourself the key modifier (ActionEvent.CTRL_MASK for Windows, ActionEvent.META_MASK for Mac), simply ask the JRE :


    An another suggestion: do not add the exit menu item on yout file menu when runnunig under Mac. The exit menu entry is always (and automatically) present in the application menu.

    Best regards,
    Arnaud Rolly.

  3. You might want to ask on the Insanely Mac forums for some testing help. They seem to be a good bunch over there..

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