As You May Have Guessed…

… I am extremely busy at the day job at the moment.  Today was a deliverable for the project I am working on.  There are at least two deliverables to go, and final acceptance testing was supposed to start on, oh, August 31st?  Yep, you could say we’re under a weeeee bit of pressure to get things finished.  As a result my time on my uISV consists of responding to an email or three a week, and the odd transfer from Paypal to my bank account.  I hope to get “caught up” with it after we’re out of the woods at work.  I have the data from Oct. 1st through 15th stored for folks who are interested in stats, and will try to get that posted tonight or tomorrow night.

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3 Comments on “As You May Have Guessed…”

  1. Joshua Volz Says:

    Thank you – I was starting to get worried.

    I am hungry for those numbers.

    You can’t just keep them to yourself – gawd – what, do you think this is *your* business or something?

    I have damn near warn out my F5 key trying to get an update on your progress.

    Good luck on your deliverables for your day job. I had a phase of a contract finish today too, and I was up until 4am Sunday night making sure it did, in fact, finish today. You think programmers will ever work it out to the point where we won’t have to stress and avoid sleep?

  2. Patrick Says:

    You think programmers will ever work it out to the point where we won’t have to stress and avoid sleep?

    Actually, yesterday was my first day in 2.25 years where I have not gone home before 5:30. (I stayed until 6:30 getting today’s deliverable ready) Of course, when I get my next job next year, I expect to get worked to the grindstone… hopefully at a significant multiple of my current salary. 🙂

    The reason I took this job with the possibility to work at a certain company whose software is not just small, some might call it micro, or a competitor of theirs who writes paychecks with 100 zeroes in them, is that I rather enjoy the whole “Walking around town when it is still light out” thing.

    I still avoid sleep like all get out though. 12:00 – 2:00 AM are some of the most productive hours in my day, how can I pass on those?

  3. I need my numbers fix! 🙂

    As long as your mISV is still performing well, then I don’t need to see specifics (although it is fun to see how things pay off for you).

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