Belated October Stats

Here are the stats from October 1st through October 15th.  I’ll update it with the website/download stats later, which I understand are more interesting to many folks.  Same disclaimers apply as always.


Units Sold: 13 + 1 return  (1 included CD)

Gross Sales: $329.35

Net Sales (subtracting Paypal, cost of CD): $311.59


Web Hosting (GoDaddy, through end of month) : $10.02

E-junkie (through end of month): $5

AdWords budget (not likely to reach it, through end of month): $90

Net Expenses: $105.02

Net Profit: $206.57

 Business this month is going substantially stronger than last month.  I hope to sell a total of around 25-30 copies.  My target is to hit $500 in profit.  The Halloween promotion I was hoping to do has been mostly eclipsed by my work at work, but we’ll see if I can’t get something figured out this weekend.

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One Comment on “Belated October Stats”

  1. Joshua Volz Says:

    I feel like a parched man who has crawled through the desert, only to find a hidden oasis where two beautiful women hand spoon freshly melted snow into my mouth.

    I like sales numbers day. Ok, I am sick. Oh, like you weren’t foaming at the mouth for the sales numbers?

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