Free PR8 Link To Your Website (Shh, Keep It A Secret)

Update: See Nick Hebb in the comments for something I didn’t think to check for.  This won’t work.  Ahh well.  I’ll leave it up for posterity.

I guess I shouldn’t be mentioning this but, hey, I’m a giving type of guy. One of the best decisions I made during the creation of Bingo Card Creator was cutting my web site designer out of the budget and going with a design by Sang Nguyen which I found on Open Source Web Design. This is my advice to anyone who is wondering how to cut a major expense item out of their budget while not compromising the customer experience much — I am positively thrilled both with my design and with the amount of work I didn’t have to do to get it running.

There has been a discussion on the Business of Software boards recently about whether paying a web designer is a good idea. Cards on the table time: I think not, unless you are getting a site which has functionality in addition to eye candy, an under-market rate, or a web design which positively sings to you. Here is my trump card for the superiority of oswd over a designer: the designer won’t give you a PR8 link to your site for nothing. I just discovered oswd will do that. Granted, its not a maximally effective PR8 link — it will eventually scroll from the front page of links (faster as more people come to know about it — at the moment it appears to be close to the best kept SEO secret on the Internet 😉 ), so it won’t be at one click of depth from the front page (!) for forever. But hey, which part of “free PR8 link” are you complaining about?

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12 Comments on “Free PR8 Link To Your Website (Shh, Keep It A Secret)”

  1. Ian Says:

    Actually the link is worthless. Since the pages scroll the link never ages. So just as Google figures out the link is on page one, it moves to page two. Hence the link has very little value. Also since it’s totally off topic that works against it as well.

  2. Nick Hebb Says:

    Unfortunately, those pages aren’t indexed:

    Now, if I had talent, I would design a web template with my back link in the footer and post it to OSWD and Open Web Design. Andreas and Nautica each have hundreds of back links to their websites last time I checked. Of course, those 2 designers are at the top of the popularity charts, but I imagine that even templates farther down the list generate a decent number of links.

  3. Madonna Says:

    It’s really hard to get Pr8 link .
    I had one but google doesn’t see it.
    I wish to have much moore high PR links.
    So thank for Your article.

  4. The most important is subpage’s PR of your link location. Google toolbar show that many subpages of OSWD have poor PR. Of course i don’t know, how much this tool is trustworthy. So even we’ll make some template, it will be some months on first page, wich have PR8, but then it will diaper from “Latest Designs”. However, if links aren’t indexd, will this operation give so much for your page rank?

  5. Rainer Says:


    the Open Source Web Design Linklist is still on ” no follow ” ?

    I search PR 7-8 Links in Web Catalogs , no automatic Link Exchanges

    Kind Regards

  6. As mentioned above the link is off topic so is not relevant to your site. This is the most important part of building links.

  7. Romio Says:

    thanks for the tip, but i am afraid that is not useful anymore.

  8. Rudy Says:

    I agree with Podstawy…….

    The subpage’s is what count plus robots.txt……

  9. asso Says:

    I have plenty of links but a PR8 is hard to get

  10. Dan Says:

    Is it true if you get one PR 8 link you will automatically get PR 7 in next update

  11. “Is it true if you get one PR 8 link you will automatically get PR 7 in next update”

    No this is not true. The PR flow from a webpage is divided by all the links on the page, so if your link is on a pr8 page with one hundred other links, you will all get a fraction of that pr.

  12. dmitri Says:

    I agree with seo consultnat “No this is not true”.

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