Nice To Hear About Successes

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly advise reading about how Printer Friendly made an absolute killing when it was featured by Bits du Jour.   


Bits du Jour rocks! It simply does. I love business relationships where all sides win. It’s simply beautiful.

I’m glad for Andrey and for Ellen (who runs Bits du Jour).  While I didn’t have a day to set the world on fire when I was featured it was still a good experience and I could definately see the potential for the business model to work with an application with more mass-market appeal.  Printer Friendly appears to have hit the sweet spot.  Congrats to both for a well-earned success. 

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One Comment on “Nice To Hear About Successes”

  1. bitsdujour Says:

    Thanks, Patrick. Our sales are still uneven, but there are definitely more good days now than there were even a few months ago. As you said, we’re doing better with more mass-market products, but I’m still doing a lot of experimenting, and learning what works.

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