I Am Oddly Motivated By Free Money

I read (through the indispensable PlanetMicroISV‘s feed from WorkHappy) that Microsoft wants YOU to set up an account with adCenter this Christmas.  So much that they’re prepared to stuff $200 in your stocking (in credit, naturally) if you fork over the $5 opening fee.  Ho ho ho, does that sound tempting.  I categorically refuse to use YSM again (“Like AdWords, except inferior in every way — price, performance, features, reporting, and workflow”) but maybe MS can separate me from some of my money.  I think I’ll give them 4 months at $50 a month or so to see if I can get positive ROI.  If yes, they get kept for the long term.  If not, its an experiment that costs me a cup of cocoa.

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One Comment on “I Am Oddly Motivated By Free Money”

  1. Andrew Says:

    From what I’ve read in the tiny fine-print on the landing page, you have to spend the $200 within 90 days, and it is unfortunately only available to US residents. I wonder why they wouldn’t want to gain new international customers?

    It’s also such a pain that existing customers don’t get any sort of “Christmas present”. What a hassle to register as a new customer with a different credit card just to benefit from this gift. You would think they would want to butter-up their existing (and in my case dormant) customers as much as potential new customers.

    I think Google gets their “activation fee” right – you can set up an account and play with the interface and only pay the $5 to make your ads go live. MSN asks for the $5 on registration. I reckon changing that would instantly lead to more new customers, rather than giving away $200 in bribes.

    Or perhaps MSN is ashamed of their relatively lousy interface, and want some sort of buy-in from you before you see it so that you don’t run away too quickly!

    (Just the cynical rantings of an international Google-loving advertiser)

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