Already Confirmed Paypal Email Address But Can’t Withdraw Money

I had a bit of a situation this weekend and decided to post the resolution here because God knows a Paypal customer with a problem has not a friend in the world.  Hopefully the magic of Google will get it to the right people.

This weekend I tried to withdraw money into my bank account and I got an error: “You must confirm your primary email address before you can withdraw money”.  Which, of course, I had already done.  Trying to reconfirm my primary email address caused the error “You have already confirmed this email address”.  I faced the unpleasant prospect of having to communicate with Paypal customer service — oh no!  Luckily before that terror came to pass I tried adding a new disposable email account to the Paypal account, which worked like a charm (without needing to be set as my primary address, so no disruption happened with my IPNs or e-junkie).  I’ll let the disposable email address sit there a while, as I have the totally unsubstantiated worry that adding and removing addresses in a rapid fashion could cause a fraud review.

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2 Comments on “Already Confirmed Paypal Email Address But Can’t Withdraw Money”

  1. Xanadu Says:

    The solution might be to stop using PayPal-based payment systems (such as e-junkie) and start using a real registration provider, such as Advangate, Plimus, etc.

    Yes, their commisions may be higher. However, PayPal introduces an uncertainity factor.

    There are hundreads of stories of people who used PayPal, were happy, and then got their accounts closed and funds frozen for no reason at all – and couldn’t do anything about it.

  2. Injun Joe Says:

    paypal is a total fraud. They invited me to money market scheme and then closed down my account. they limited my access because they want to know where i got MY money from.
    I can only deposit money. not withdraw. for my protection!

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