Lost Two Days

I was convinced when I woke up this morning that it was Wednesday, because yesterday was The Big Presentation and I had thought that was a Tuesday.  Turns out today is Friday, because TBP was on Thursday.  It went pretty well, incidentally, and my month of 12 to 16 hour days is now over.  There is now a functional spam filter where there wasn’t before, and within the month it will be OSS for all the world to enjoy.

You know what I really like about the prospect of self-employment?  No months of 12 to 16 hour days, and no forgetting what day it is.  (I still like my day job, incidentally.)

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2 Comments on “Lost Two Days”

  1. Joshua Volz Says:

    I am a self employed contractor, and the issue with forgetting what day it is isn’t going to go away when you are more fully self employed. I routinely cannot figure out what day it is, which I think is mostly due to everyday being the same to me. I get up, I work some, I do some chores, I work some more, do something fun, rinse, repeat forever. For me, it seems to work, although I am planning a vacation next month (having worked the last 33 days straight). The good news is that I am projecting that I will have made 34% of what I made last year in the first two months of this year.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Congratulations on your success. I predict that I’ll probably have made, oh, 120% in the first two months, at least as far as Bingo Card Creator is concerned 😉 (Heh, it wasn’t very hard. 120% of not a lot is not a lot!)

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