Musical Note Bingo Cards

In the last six months I have had several music teachers write in to ask me if Bingo Card Creator can create cards with musical notes on them.  The answer is “yes”, but the process is rather difficult. 

  1. Download a font which is capable of displaying musical notes.  I recommend Bach (free for academic use).
  2. Open Bingo Card Creator.  Select Font from the options menu, and switch to Bach.
  3. Turn off Free Space (it will not display correctly in Bach font).
  4. Open the sample document which came with Bach, and copy the musical symbol you want.  Paste it in the Add New Word box in Bingo Card Creator.  Hit enter.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have the number of musical notes required for the card (25 for 5×5 bingo cards). 
  6. Print however many cards you require.  Note that you cannot at this time save a list of musical notes, as it will be corrupted when you attempt to load the list.  This is a limitation of how Bach represents notes internally.

As this process is rather arduous for many teachers to perform, I have made 32 musical note bingo cards myself.  These use the Bach font described above, which is only free for academic and personal use.  Accordingly, please be honest and only use them for academic/personal purposes.  You can download them here in .pdf format. 

For my part, I do not and will not distribute Bach with Bingo Card Creator, and accordingly you will not find the word list used to create this in the Bingo Card Creator download.  If you wish to have musical bingo cards but not quite the ones found here, you can create them yourself using Bingo Card Creator and the above instructions.

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