AdCenter Actually Performs Quite Decently

Volume?  Low.  Interface?  Annoying.  Work flow?  Terrible.  Cost per download?  Half of what Google is, and this required no tweaking whatsoever.  I’m buried under about four ads for places like Amazon which apparently bid on every word in the English language, but with no effort the following ad got about 4% CTR and, much more importantly, costs less than 30 cents per download it drives.  That is my target for reasonably profitability with advertising. 

 Print Custom Bingo Cards

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 This might do a bit better if I did some optimization.  I don’t know if the time invested is worth the volume, though.  We’ll see.

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One Comment on “AdCenter Actually Performs Quite Decently”

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I think the article would profit if you would add a one sentence explanation of what AdCenter is and a link to its overview page.
    And thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experiences on your blog!

    Best regards,

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