Always Dangerous Making Predictions Early…

… but I think I’ll hit $800 to $1,000 in sales for March, smashing my previous records.  This is on the strength of what appears to just be natural growth in traffic from Google and apparently a higher conversion from trial to purchase rate (my number of confirmed downloads relative to recorded downloads is up 10%, too — maybe folks like Inno Setup or some software site I don’t know about is ranking me highly?).  I’ve gotten 6 orders in the last 3 business days where a more typical number would be 2 to 3. 

I have a plan in place for a promotion around Easter which I was decently sure was going to help me achieve my $1,000 target for April.  While I’ll still do it, I rather doubt I’ll need to just to make that target.

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4 Comments on “Always Dangerous Making Predictions Early…”

  1. Brian Leach Says:


    Have you taken into account the effect of your blog on your results? It seems to me that this may be a case where the act of measuring something is changing the something.

    I’m not a customer or a prospect, but I have a big interest in uISVs and the statistics you’re tracking. I’ve been measuring these same things for five years, and I’m still learning new things. Your blog is certainly helping people find your product. Are you taking that into account?

  2. Patrick Says:

    I track how many downloads I get as a result of people who find their way to my site through my blog. Its nothing to set the world on fire — the typical use case is somebody searches for a teacher-related keyword, finds a blog post, clicks that handy TEACHERS CLICK HERE button I put up there, and gets to my product page. I have made somewhere between 4 and 8 sales from folks who got to my site through my blog over the last 8 months. However, when you compare this traffic stream next to Google its teeny tiny.

  3. Scott Meade Says:

    Patrick – thanks for sharing your blog to sales info. I’m certain that if you had been blogging all this time about your teaching experiences and case-studies of teachers that had used Bingo Cards in their classrooms and other related topics that your blog traffic would be much more profitable. Certainly not saying you should do that – just reminding folks that this blog is not setup specifically to sell Bingo Card Creator. You need to like writing about what you write about and I think you like writing about the company so keep up the good work.

  4. Patrick Says:

    It is unambiguously true that I could make a heck of a lot more money from blogging if this were a customer-focused blog. It isn’t and it won’t be, as it does a disservice to everyone reading along and doesn’t achieve my goals for having this blog. I know, for example, that my articles about the JLPT which I used to demonstrate how Declan Software could use their blog to self-promote have driven a decent amount of sales to them relative to the time it took me to write them.

    My next product has a blog built in and I intend to exploit the heck out of it 😉

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