March Mid-Month Stats

My stats through the 15th.  Same disclaimer as always.

Capsule summary: I’m having my best month ever.  If I didn’t get another sale through the end of the month it would still be respectable, and unlike most months the sales are not in fits and spurts — every day when I wake up its BAM! You’ve got money!  I attribute this success more to organic growth (and, partially, to a rejiggering of my AdWords campaign which has helped it substantially) than anything I have done.  Also fixing bugs with demos people downloaded in February has probably caused some sales to trickle in.

Sales: 19 (+1 which was refused by Google — I gave the customer a key and asked them to fix their info with Google, never heard from them again.  C’est la vie.)

Gross Income: about $475:

429.15 USD
12.95 GBP
19.95 EUR

Expenses: $108

GoDaddy: $7

e-junkie: $5

AdWords: $90 budgeted

CDs: $6 so far

Profit: ~$360

I think by the end of the month I will probably have in excess of $800 worth of sales and possibly, knock on wood, I will make my $1,000 sales target in March rather than in April.

Web stats will come in another update.  I was inspired by Nick Hebb (you might know him as the flowcharting software tycoon) to try making a graph in OpenOffice to chart my growth in, e.g., downloads over the last 9 months.  Wow, its been 9 months already… where has the time gone.  This will have to wait as I have other commitments today.

Super-minor update on my next project: Its mostly on hold for the moment due to the amount of work I’ve been doing trying to find my next day job.  I plan on releasing the name and some comments on market selection this weekend.

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One Comment on “March Mid-Month Stats”

  1. Nick Hebb Says:


    I never use “LOL” on the internet. I may grin from time to time or, at most, let out a slight chuckle. But when I read myself described as a “tycoon”, it happened. Here it is – my first: LOL.

    BTW, based on your past endorsements, I finally added e-junkie (and the Fat Free Cart) to my site the other day. It rocks. Thanks for the tip!


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