March Stats and a note of thanks

Same disclaimers as always.

Capsule summary: Best month ever.  Would have done better had I not disabled CD orders inadvertently for most of it.  I’m giving myself about a 50-50 chance of hitting my $1,000 target for April.

Sales: 30, including 2 CDs (instead of 15 — d’oh), 1 purchase in Euros, 1 in pounds, and 0 refunds.

Gross sales:  ~$760


Paypal: $10.50

SwiftCD: $10.76 

e-junkie: $5

AdWords: $54.02  

GoDaddy: $7

Total: ~$87

Net Profit: $673


AdWords has been working really well as of late ($.34 per demo download sustained over the entire month.  Close to my best ever.)  With $90 budgeted I could pay for more traffic but I haven’t found the keywords yet to bring it in without costing an arm and a leg — there is not too much play in $24.95 to go crazy with keywords costing, e.g., 15 to 25 cents apiece. 

SEO continues beatifully, and I’m slowly but surely climbing the ladder on some key terms.  A big thanks to everyone who linked by Free Bingo Cards post, without me even asking.  Its great when the community helps each other out like that.  I have been using the features in the Google webmaster console and have been noticing more links this month from school districts, including several direct to AdWords landing pages.  Thats just beautiful — they put my software in front of hundreds of prospective customers AND they give me an authority link.  Content, its the gift that keeps on giving.

Speaking of gifts which keep on giving, this blog will hit its hundred thousandth page view before I get up tomorrow.  I nearly went googley-eyed when I saw the counter.  The majority of my readers continue to be uISVs or folks thinking about taking the plunge, but I’m getting increasing mentions from folks as diverse as librarians and customer advocates, and the blog is fighting hard with MSN and Yahoo to be my third largest source of downloads (after Google and download sites).  I’d like to take a moment to say “thank you” to everybody who reads, RSSes, links to, comments on, etc, this blog.  I’m overjoyed and humbled by your support, and couldn’t do it without you. 

Happy Palm Sunday.   A funny story from Mass this morning: first, to hit the highlights of Palm Sunday for those who aren’t Catholic, Jesus comes back after fourty days in the wilderness (Lent) to Jerusalem, where he is welcomed as a king.  He rides in on a donkey, and people throw their clothes and palm fronds in the front of his donkey to honor him.  As we are heading out of church, one of the little kids says to his Mom “Its not fair, you know”.  “Oh whats that, honey?”  “Palm Sunday.”  “Why do you say that?”  “All the palms did was get stepped on.  It should really be Jesus Sunday.  Except every Sunday is Jesus Sunday.  So we should make it Donkey Sunday.  Poor donkey, he does all the work.”    I love kids.

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4 Comments on “March Stats and a note of thanks”

  1. Mason Says:

    Hey Patrick,

    I am curious about how much time you spend on BCC each week at this point. It seems like everything for you is pretty much boiler plate, except adding free things on your website, minor seo niggles and a little support here and there.

    Love the blog.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I wish I had a good way to check that automatically. Counting time I spend on the blog as time spent on BCC and discounting time spent on, e.g., the Business of Software boards, I would put an outside bound on 2 hours a week on that as of late. 0-20 minutes of writing emails, 30-60 minutes of blogging, remainder is spent in my monthly development or content writing spurt.

    Its significantly more if you count time spent on BoS, as I have a bad habit of keeping tabs on my favorite internet communities essentially constantly when I’m at my computer, unless I’m actively engaged in something demanding my full attention. The amount of productivity this habit saps would probably make the GTD crowd have a heart attack. 🙂

    I would devote more *time* to BCC if I could spare the *focus* at the moment. We’re at the start of the new fiscal year at the day job, I’m near frantic lining up my next day job, Kalzumeus is absorbing most of my computer-related creativity, and spring is here and with it lots of household chores and opportunities for socializing. Plus to be perfectly honest I’ve plucked much of the low-hanging fruit for optimizations and without a flash of inspiration most of what I do is spend 5 minutes tweaking and then measure the results.

  3. Yoav Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Just found your blog and site and both are very cool. Kodus!

    Are you open to questions and suggestions?

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