Nailed A Job Interview

Nothing to do with uISVs, but I just nailed an interview in my continuing search to find a new day job.  It certainly helps when your current boss is best buddies with the prospective new boss and the person with direct hiring authority is an ex-coworker*.  I’d like to think that my resume and good attitude during the interview helped the matter, too.

* This isn’t that uncommon in Japan.  It isn’t that uncommon in America, either, although most people downplay its importance.  The freakishly high chances that two people in a related field will again do business with each other are as good a reason as anything to be faultlessly polite and fair in all of your business dealings.

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2 Comments on “Nailed A Job Interview”

  1. Scott Meade Says:

    Congrats Patrick. I think you are spot on when you say your “good attitude” helped. You’ve always shown a good attitude in your blog postings – sharing useful information in a way that makes it about helping the reader and not just about bragging up your successes (although you’d have the right to do that too!).

  2. I think your right on about the “two people in a related field will do business together again”. I encountered it in the “small” community I live in (small compared to Boston, New York, etc).

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