Quick Update On New Icons

It appears that the new icons I developed are having mixed results.  About 1% less people (9.5 -> 8.5) click on the download free trial button, although the overall conversion has stayed constant since the textual links are picking up the slack.  2% more people (1 -> 3) are clicking the Buy Now! button.  I’m not entirely sure whether that is a result of just the redesigned buttons or the result of changing Purchase Now to Buy Now! but either way, what can I say, I like it.  Hope it keeps up.

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2 Comments on “Quick Update On New Icons”

  1. Scott Meade Says:

    These results make sense to me. At first glance (which as you know is what you get most of the time from users) the dark blue “Download Free Trial” button jumped out as the first one I should push.

    With the color of the new buttons, the “Buy Now” button catches my eye first.

    And I do think “Buy” is more appealing to folks than “Purchase”.

  2. +1 for Scott’s explanation. I think Buy just “flows” easier than Purchase.

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