A Note About Startups Outside the Valley

I am strongly tempted to take this article, translate it into Japanese, and pass it around the office, because what works in Columbus, Ohio is also very true for life in Central Japan.  Even Nagoya is more of a Detroit than it is a Silicon Valley.  (Incidentally: nobody here knows what Craigslist is, either.  Most don’t even know Mixi, which is Myspace for Japan.)

I have one of my book length pieces in the works on how uISVs, like startups, can milk web apps for everything they’re worth.  My mental title for it is “The Beauty of Being Small”.  I suppose I should wait until I’ve actually got a web app to be giving advice about how to make web apps, though.

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One Comment on “A Note About Startups Outside the Valley”

  1. For those of you who want to peek at Mixi, I’ve just made a guide to use Mixi in English at:


    To keep friends from bugging me to help them sign-up.

    Invitation instructions are also posted for you.


    Leon (who didn’t know what craig’s list was until someone said it was the place for picking up chicks :P)

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