June 2007 Stats

Capsule Review: Easily my best month ever, and its summer vacation.  I’m really looking forward to the start of the term in August.

Sales: 36 (1 refund, customer was unhappy with font sizing)

Gross Income (less refund): 918.25


SwiftCD $54

AdWords $49.27

GoDaddy $7

e-junkie $5

AdCenter $19.59

CrazyEgg $9

Paypal: $18.04

Total Expenses: $161.90

Net Profit: $756.35

Selected Web Stats:

Visitors: 8,400

Visits: 9,200

Free Trials Downloaded: 1,017 from my site, several hundred from other sites.

Known-good Free Trial Installs (clicked a tagged link from within program): 354

Trial to Purchase Conversion: ~2.5%

Visits to my Purchasing Page: 402

Percent of folks who purchased after reaching purchasing page: 9%

Biggest Coup This Month: Snowflake queries.  I rewrote one page of mine, which had previously been very underused, to snap up more of them.  Handily, that rewrite was completed on May 30th.  During June, that page saw 5,600 page views (or about 27% of my total).  During May, that was 2,700 page views, or 12% of my total.  The “extra” 3,000 page views were a major part of the reason that, despite the fact traffic on my major teacher-related search terms declined since teachers are out of school, my overall traffic stayed mostly flat while my sales increased markedly.  I can’t wait to get some time to write some more content and catch myself some more snowflakes. 

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6 Comments on “June 2007 Stats”

  1. Martin Bromley Says:

    5,600 page views – nice work!

    Did you find HitTail helpful? I remember you mentioned it when you first got the bug for chasing snowflakes…

  2. Patrick Says:

    I haven’t found it amazingly helpful yet but, on the other hand, I have barely used it or done any work whatsoever.

  3. Incomeportal Says:

    WOW ,I wish I could be such a big earner too.Impressive.

  4. Troy Goode Says:

    Hey Patrick, just as an FYI your “Snowflake queries” link is borked. Love the blog!

  5. Patrick Says:

    Thanks, fixed.

  6. […] I will say that the conversion rate for Paint.NET is at least an order of magnitude lower than what Patrick has for his Bingo card software (his is about 2.5%) (Edit 2:11pm PST: Sorry, had the wrong URL for that link!). But guess what? My […]

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