Bob Walsh Launches Consultancy

Bob Walsh, who literally wrote the book about uISVs, has opened up a software consultancy for uISVs with the suitably Web 2.0-y name 47hats.  Not sure I would go for that name myself but, hey, not my business on the line.  While I have occassional disagreements with Bob about the relative ranking of priorities for the uISV*, he has contributed a lot to the community and one more resource for uISVs trying to cross the chasm from $0 to $1 in revenue is always a good thing.  (And there are plenty of chasms after that one, too.)

* Two examples: I think he places more emphasis on incorporation and legal documents than is warranted for many uISVs, and I think some of the recommendations he makes in his super-helpful series of website reviews for uISVs are based more on intuition than on data, and I suspect the intuition is flawed.

Speaking of his book: while I somehow managed to avoid reading it, my understanding is it would have shaved a heck of a lot of time off my first week of nailing down administrivia decisions like payment processors, bank accounts, hosting, etc.

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3 Comments on “Bob Walsh Launches Consultancy”

  1. Richard Says:

    Speaking of the book, which I have: It was actually your blog, and not the book, which shaved a “heck of a lot of time”off our early administrivia decisions. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with the disagreements regarding some of Bob’s advice on BOS. The one in which he suggested that it’s commonplace to make three times your annual salary in a year by quitting your job and starting a mISV seemed to be more of an advertisement for his book rather than thoughtful advice for the readers.

  3. Impressionable Says:

    While you have an impressive collection of very helpful and informative writings on the ways of the mISV, I have to suggest that Bob’s book is an awesome “one stop shop” for the beginning mISV. He covers so much material, much of which the beginning mISV may not even realize is necessary.

    I count myself lucky to be able to learn from the experiences of you, Bob, and some other mISV pioneers. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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