Its A Small, Small World These Days

Now tell me, back in my father’s day, what were the odds that you would find someone translating the meat of a wee little article about a wee little company run by an American in Japan into Spanish?  I saw somebody link to me today, and was quite amused.  If you ever want to comment on or translate anything you see here in Spanish or any other language, please feel free to.  (Although if it isn’t Spanish, Japanese, or English I’ll have a devil of a time talking back.) 

Si los hispanohablantes estan leyendo este, por favor, no se vacilen hacer comento o e-mail.  Siempre me gusta practicar mi espanol y oir la opiniónes de personas en qualquier pais, particularmente las sobre software.  Disculpeme, ha sido como seis anos hasta que estudi el espanol y ahora no puedo escritarlo por salvar mi vida.  (Ni puedo escritar los acentos en un OS japones tampoco.  Lo siento.)

Terminemos con una nota positiva. Uno de los blogs que sigo sobre micro ISVs ha contado recientemente la siguiente y curiosa historia. Patrick McKenzie, que es como se llama el blogger y dueño de la micro ISV, vende un software para la creación de bingos educativos. Yo tampoco sé lo que es. El caso es que esta señora era cliente registrada (es decir, había pagado) por un software para lo mismo pero no podía recordar ni la clave del software, ni la forma de contacto con la empresa que lo vendía. Buscando en Google, había dado con McKenzie y le pedía si podía mirar a ver si por un casual el programa que tenía era de su empresa, en cuyo caso le pedía que le volviera a enviar la licencia ya que no quería pagar dos veces por su producto. McKenzie consultó sus registros y confirmó sus sospechas: la señora era clienta de alguna empresa de software para bingos educativos, pero no de la suya. El correo de respuesta de Patrick McKenzie a la señora no tiene desperdicio:

Me temo que no es [clienta] mía, señora, pero le adjunto una copia gratuita con mi agradecimiento por su continuado apoyo al pequeño negocio.

Desde un punto de vista puramente comercial, es un reacción fantástica: este hombre acaba de conseguir una clienta de por vida, y una clienta que a buen seguro cantará sus alabanzas en cuanto tenga ocasión. Leed el artículo, que no tiene desperdicio. Bob Walsh, que de micro ISVs también sabe lo suyo, se hace eco de la noticia.

Let me try seeing if I remember how to speak Spanish or whether the last few years has caused it to totally atrophy:

We end on a positive note.  One of the blogs which I know about micro ISVs recently recounted the following interesting story.  Patrick McKenzie, the blogger and owner of the micro ISV, sells software for the creation of educational bingos [sic].  I don’t know what that is, either.  What happened was that a lady has registered (i.e. had paid for) a software which did the same, but couldn’t remember the name [?] of the software or how to contact the company which sold it.  Looking on Google, she thought it might be McKenzie and asked him if he could take a quick look in his records and, if she had purchased the software from him, send a new license so that she would not have to pay twice for the product.  McKenzie consulted his records and confirmed his suspicions: the lady was a customer company making bingo card software, but not his company.  His response to the lady was not wasteful [not sure that is the most faithful translation]:

I’m afraid you are not my [client], ma’am, but I am sending you a free copy with my thanks for your continued support of small businesses. 

From a purely commercial point of view, this is a fantastic reaction: this gentlemen has just found himself a customer for life, and she is a customer who can be counted on to sing his praises at every occasion.  Read the article, which is not wasteful [same word, still not sure of translation].  Bob Walsh, who about micro ISVs also sabe lo suyo [idiom which I know I learned but have forgotten — it might mean “knows everything”], echoed the message.

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One Comment on “Its A Small, Small World These Days”

  1. Picacodigos Says:

    Hi, Mr. McKenzie. Thanks for noticing. =)

    Yes, your translation to english from my Spanish is quite accurate, so don’t worry: you haven’t lost your edge.

    “No tiene desperdicio” its an idiom, meaning “it’s priceless” or “you can’t miss it”.
    “Saber lo suyo” its also an idiom, meaning the person knows a lot about the subject.

    The microISV field is virtually non-existent in my country, and I’m thinking about starting my own… maybe I’m thinking too much. But meanwhile, I’m following you and some others to read and absorb as much as I can about the trade.

    Although your decision, once one reads your motives, really strikes as a solid purely comercial decision, in my country is completely UNTHINKABLE. Or at least, unheard of. That’s the main reason I linked to it, to make my (few) readers see and understand that there are other ways to do business, and although they may appear too altruistic, touchy-feely or somewhat crazy from a business point of view; as a matter of fact they make a whole lot of sense in every cold-hearted, number crunching and calculating entrepeneurial point of view.

    Thanks for being there, thanks for noticing and keep up the good work!

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