10,000 bucks… Yowza

I’m stupefied by the number, I just crossed into the five figures category today… and sales are accelerating.  Let’s bust out a graph, shall we? 

Monthly Sales for Bingo Card Creator

(Edit: It belatedly occurs to me that I took that screenshot in the middle of a mouse hover.  This is what I get for operating a computer after a night of karaoke.  Ahh, well, the Japanese won’t kill you.)

The October 2007 figure is an extraordinarily conservative estimate.  (I quoted $1,500 but I’ve already sold $1,250 and the month is only 2/3rds over, with a holiday and a version upgrade coming around the bend.)

Profits are somewhat less impressive, as I’ve shelled out ~$250 in one-time expenses to get the linkbait which I will launch this weekend ready.  Check back tomorrow for details.

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6 Comments on “10,000 bucks… Yowza”

  1. Congratulations on your success! Hopefully it won’t be long until you hit the six figures.

    I assume you’ve heard this before, but “the first million is always the hardest”. It was the exact same thing for us with LandlordMax. The first 10k took some time, then it was the 100k, etc. Now we’re on to our next target. Each new target gets progressively easier and come progressively faster.

    Although our growth chart is now outdated, it’s somewhat similar to yours: http://www.followsteph.com/2007/05/20/landlordmax-sales-revenues/ We thought the growth curve would change with time (taper off) but it continues at the same pace for quite some time. It’s actually still accelerating for us! I suspect the same will happen for you. Best of luck.


  2. Bob Walsh Says:

    Pat – congratulations! Stephane is right. Success breeds success – if you water it constantly with hard work, attention to results and more hard work!

  3. rubinelli Says:

    That’s absolutely awesome. Congratulations for your first five-digit month. Your first I-could-live-off-this-if-I-weren’t-in-Japan month shouldn’t be too far now.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Whoa, sorry, its not five digit months yet. Four digit months, though, are a nice chance of pace.

  5. tijmoe Says:

    Congratulation patrick. I’ve to admit that its your adventure that motivate me to (try) to develop my µISV. I’m relativly far from launch (i’ve a day job too and 2 kids ;-)), but anyway, you’ve prove to me that it is possible to success with ‘little’ software.

    By the way, I thing that under IE5, when you don’t crop image you post on your blog, that all the menu are still moved to the bottom of the page, so to the ‘bingo$’ link.



  6. Congrats, you’ve earned it! Next goal: $10,000 per month 😉 Just don’t get caught up in analysing stats all day, or you’ll have no time left over for anything else! I know I’ve caught myself a few times spending more time pouring over my stats spreadsheets than I should have been. My monthly earnings curve for Paint.NET is similar to yours as well. At the end of September I made the very powerful and happy realization of, “Wow — earnings are exactly 10x what they were exactly one year ago!” (it was within +/- 1% in fact) (although I doubt I can pull another 10x over the next 12 months, who knows…)

    Once you get to the point where you can live off the income from your uISV and also have ~6 months of income savings in the bank, you’ll have an important decision to make: do you take the risk to quit your day job and hopefully grow your uISV at a much higher rate, or do you take the more consersative but equally plausible road of “double dipping” on income while letting your uISV grow at a slower pace. It’s hardly a bad thing to be faced with such a decision 🙂

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