That Shouldn’t Even Be Legal

So I was checking today whether Daily Bingo Cards has started to pick up any search traffic, and aside from the name it is starting to rank for some long tail queries, including #5 on “bingo cards make yourself“.  I was kind of suprised that it did that, because while that is certainly a snowflake query it is one that I have seen before on my other sites.  So I Googled it to see if there was any major competition for the term, and yep, there apparently is — me, myself, and I…

Google Search Results

 This is not overwhelmingly significant from a commercial standpoint, since there are only about 10 of that particular snowflake every month.  However, I get eight of them, which provides me with a bit of amusement.  I also chuckled that, for at least a minute on an insignificant query, I totally controlled the above-the-fold part of a Google SERP. 

Multiply this by a couple thousand different snowflakes and you have my marketing strategy for Daily Bingo Cards in a nutshell.  Fifty billion snowflakes all I need is one…

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3 Comments on “That Shouldn’t Even Be Legal”

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