Two Minute Updates Before Work

  • Halloween Bingo at Daily Bingo Cards exceeded all expectations, getting me about 2k search hits on this blog and several hundred downloads.  The links, bookmarks, etc are starting to roll in, and Daily Bingo Cards has started to rank for some queries.
  • The most popular query is, at the moment, about cheese bingo.  Oh, Internet, I love you so.
  • Google made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  As to the exact specifics of which, more on that later.
  • $2,000 in sales in October.  Double September.  Main drivers: Halloween and Conversion Optimizer.
  • If there were a 5th bullet point, I really would be late to work.
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5 Comments on “Two Minute Updates Before Work”

  1. Brian Says:

    Congrats on that sales figure for the month, the second thousand-per-month seems to have come much faster than the first!

  2. Joshua Volz Says:

    Congrats on the sales number, that’s freaking awesome.

    Thank for your post on my 1st sale on BoS. I figured if you can sell $2k worth of bingo card creation software, I should be able to make at least one sale of backup software!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I’m basically demanding that you sell $4k next month. Get to it.

  3. David Ayre Says:

    Patrick, you could easily turn your experience with BCC thus far into a very useful book on uISVs… Congratulations.

  4. Chris Says:

    Congrats on a great month. But where is the follow up post. This was a major teaser. I expect November will be a pretty good month with another holiday that you also have a bingo card for. Who would have thought cheese bingo would be a hit. And to think that cheese bingo got some laughs when you posted DailyBingoCards over at BoS. You just can’t predict the masses on the internet.

  5. Patrick Says:

    But where is the follow up post.

    I have five things to get done this weekend, that one is #4. We’ll see if it happens. Now, if you’ll excuse me, got a birthday party to attend.

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