Six days. Twenty Dollars. One New Business.

A gentleman by the name of Ezell apparently told his friend that I had made a successful business in a ridiculously short amount of time, so it must be possible.  The friend disagreed.  Ezell said “I’ll prove it!”, and has decided to one-up me in the process, by shaving a few days and dollars off my schedule.  I personally think he will be able to do it, and am rooting for him.

The program is going to be called BabyAid, running in a niche roughly similar to TrixieTracker.  I previously commented on the Business of Software message board that I believe this is a very underserved niche which one could really do a lot of good in with the right offering. 

Incidentally, the friend was disagreeing as a result of his experience as a independent game developer.  I agree, for a game developer to produce a game worth paying money for, 8 days and no budget for art or music assets will probably not cut it.  Personally, I think that developing videogames is an excellent hobby if you like it (I have contributed to OSS ones in the past) but it makes a very poor choice for someone wanting to start a business.  Maybe I’ll go into why on another post.

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5 Comments on “Six days. Twenty Dollars. One New Business.”

  1. prophet Says:

    Thanks for your valuable insight into MicroISV.

    The above post “6 days, 20 dollars to sellable program” is interesting, however, time is relative… Is it a complicated specialist software or a simple application, with the last in mind, 6 days is a long time if you dedicate the entire period to programming.

    I feel software production is only the first step, the marketing side takes true genius to work within a short period of time. A better goal heading would be “XX days, XX dollars to a successfully sold program”.

    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration!


  2. Jim Says:

    I think this niche could be very lucrative but not sure how customers will be found. Do new parents search for applications that allow them to monitor/record the minute details about baby. Surely, there are better things to do in life. Sleeping would be one.

    Also, I am one of the old school of programmers that is unconvinced by Web 2.0 taking over the world. I use a number of them but I see many problems with them. Lack of an internet connection being one. I am regularly in places where a connection is not available or very expensive. Slow response times for simple tasks is another one.

    Patrick, I have just read your blog from beginning to end. It has re-kindled my desire to go back to what I started 5 years ago (running my own microISV) and abandoned 3 years later. Lack of experience/knowledge of how to do things compounded by the insane desire to not ship if the product was not 100% were my undoing.

    Your blog has persuaded me that it is better to ship early with something useful but limited and then provide frequent updates. Trying to finish an application is impossible. Most applications only finish when the money runs out.

    Thanks for all the useful advice and the monetray information about BCC.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Good luck on your endeavors, Jim.

  4. Ezell Says:

    You are definetly an inspiration to me, Patrick, thanks. As one of the commentors before me stated getting the program done is half the battle and I am working on the second half now. The Challenge is also about getting things done and getting something useful up and out into the world.

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