Marketing Runs In The Family

My little brother just had his first successful piece of linkbait hit it big: List of Superhero Powers.  It got farked and then so did the VPS I was hosting his blog on.  I have spent the last hour fighting with the configuration so that it can withstand a traffic graph that looks something like a standing wave.  It seems to be stable now, thankfully. 

Sidenote to anyone who thinks playing amateur server admin in crisis mode is a good idea: put your Apache config files in version control because if you bork your redirection code and don’t remember how you got it working the first time you will be sorry.

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2 Comments on “Marketing Runs In The Family”

  1. Rich Says:

    Is that the same VPS you’re using for the Rails project? What are the practical limits of that configuration (assuming it’s a 256 slice)? Can it run a few blogs alongside Rails?

    BTW, I’m looking at Gandi’s new VPS services; they look interesting (and cheaper). Of course, you don’t generally get what you don’t pay for.

  2. Patrick Says:

    This VPS currently has only that blog running on it (I originally had planned to use it for Kalzumeus). Yeah, I’m pretty confident that I could run all three of my web properties (Bingo Card Creator (static HTML), Daily Bingo Cards (Rails), and this blog (WordPress) on a single 256 Slice. Memory would get a little tight if I got a majorly popular blog post and didn’t have a WP caching plugin enabled, though.

    (Sidenote: since the blog has exclusive run of the box I’m using Apache/MySQL, but if I were to put everything on one 256 Slice, I would switch Apache to Nginx because it is *much* more memory efficient. It cuts at least a Mongrel worth of overhead off.)

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