Candidates for New Bingo Card Creator Logo

Logo Candidate #1

Candidate #2

Candidate #3

 As a common comment about the new Bingo Card Creator redesign was that the current logo doesn’t really play well with a blue/green color scheme, I had a few new logos drawn up with an eye towards possibly replacing the logo with one of them.  I used LogoSamurai, whose art style really captivated me from the first time that I saw it, although I have some reservations that it might be a little too hip for my customers. 

Of the three above, I have a clear sentimental favorite, but I’d be interested in hearing your take on things.

Incidentally, their checkout process had the most brilliant upsell I’ve ever seen: “You’re about to buy a logo for $67.  But wait, for just $50 more, you could get 2 additional logos.  What is not to like?”  Indeed, that is a great deal and minimizes the perceived risk of the transaction (getting a logo which you don’t like) while grabbing them additional sales from the folks they have already persuaded to become customers.  Good call.

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19 Comments on “Candidates for New Bingo Card Creator Logo”

  1. Jd Says:

    Honestly speaking,

    All of them are too ‘busy’. Also, the gradient in the first two are not up to the mark. Also, they all repeat the text ‘Bingo’.

    I have a logo concept in my mind, once I reach home, I will try it and share it with you.


  2. Scott Says:

    I think the third one matches up the best with your audience. The first two look like they belong on something more technical.

  3. Nick Hebb Says:

    #3 – as longs as it scales down well. As is, all three are fairly large, which will make your header take up a lot of page space.

  4. Craig Says:

    Definitely number 3. It is a bit more fun design.

  5. Phil Says:

    Number 3, the other two look too much like Word Art.

  6. Andy Says:

    Honestly, I feel like your new website has left your target audience behind. The old logo was friendly and “homey”. It wasn’t hostile to techno-phobes. None of these logos work.

    I’m a little burned out on the whole web 2.0 look. That look resembles the false DNS landing pages that people create for misspelled domains. It’s clean, wholesome, and has no purpose other than to confuse you and make money. So in general, I think the new BCC look (website and logo) is a step backwards.

    I’m not a teacher though, and I have no doubt that you know your audience best. Just make sure that your new site is really focused on them!

  7. Make sure you get something you can use for the EXE and start menu icon. I actually prefer the 2nd one so long as the blue/green for “Bingo” and “Card Creator” are swapped. The bingo card on the left side will naturally map into an icon, although the little squares flying off the top right don’t really work. Also, make sure you can get it at or render it to a power-of-2 size. Then you can create the 256x, 48x, 32x, and 16x versions easily. I recommend using Axialis IconWorkshop. You will want to spend time tweaking the 16x and 32x versions after IconWorkshop does its auto-resize magic. Maybe some Paint.NET magic will help 😉 I also tend to agree with the other comments that the text font is a bit weird.

  8. Chris Exline Says:

    I’ll buck the trend and go with the first one. I like the arc. I can see some of the argument about it feeling the whole new site feeling more technical than before. But I don’t think it is so much that it will turn people away. I think you are winning the harder battle which is getting potential customers to the site. And you know your historic conversion rates, so you will be able to tell if the changes causes improvements or not. If your conversions drop through the floor, perhaps it is time to find a new color scheme.

  9. Andy Miller Says:

    All 3 are hard to read. What I mean is that I have to search for the words because they are not recognizable at a glance.

    If you are going for a trademark to be associated with your brand, then any of the 3 will do, though you may want to go with something even more abstract so that people do not get stuck trying to read it.

    On the other hand, if you want people to read the individual words, then make the words less abstract.

  10. Grendel Says:

    for me, a mix of #1 and 33 would do the trick. The “3D” card from #1 with the more funnier and personal letter style of #3, as futuristic style typeset doesn’t seem to match with your product, IMHO.

  11. James Says:

    Erk, none of them are good: they are hard to read, garish, don’t scale well, and most importantly do not in any way reflect the style of your target audience.

  12. Taylor Says:

    I like the left part of the first one. I don’t really like the font on any of them, though. Looks like an old sci-fi movie logo.

  13. Rui Curado Says:

    Finally you change your logo. I think it was pretty amateurish… no offense of course! The logo was your site’s “weakest link” IMHO.

    The first one is more dynamic, while the third one is more “funky”. I guess you could eliminate number 2.

    I particularly like the used font (HemiHead426), since I used it myself on my Image.InfoCards site!

    But as Andy said above, check if these logos are well accepted by your target market… My opinion is that design is now a fact of life, and the average person is now constantly exposed to heavily-designed elements on his/her daily life…

  14. Justin Says:

    I have to go with #1. It’s the most pleasing to my eyes. The Web 2.0 style for the bingo card makes me feel engaged in a game. Makes me think of fun things.

    The green color for “Bingo” in #2 makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I can’t stand to look at it for very long before my eyes scream. The blue squares floating away from the bingo card confuses me. Is their some type of transmission occurring here?

    I feel like the blue blob behind the bingo card in #3 is actually a “black” hole that is unable to contain the color blue. It is sucking the card and my attention down with it. The white bubbly font comes off as weak. I feel bloated looking at that font. I don’t know where to move my eyes when looking at #3. I get lost and stuck in the “blue hole”.

  15. Nelson Says:

    hey patrick

    I have been following you on BOS. I looked at them and i like the colors and the general look of the designs. #3 is however more pleasing.

    Maybe you could consider just using a image that says Bingo at the top and card creator is spelled out in the boxes below it?

    Would be simple and to the point??

  16. I really like the 1st one by far the best. I hate the last one. Neutral on the second one.

    I couldn’t figure out what the blue blob was on the last one (looks kinda like a football?). It’s also way too cartoon like..

    I know the teachers you sell to are involved with young children so it’s OK to have a fun vibrant logo but they are not children themselves. They are degreed professionals who take their jobs very seriously, so you also want it to look somewhat professional. I think the 1st one and to a lesser degree the 2nd one are a nice blend of a professional look and a fun vibrant look meshed together. While all 3 match your sites new colors, #3 also matches your sites new “feel” very well.

    Personnally I would look no further then #1 and I think you would be safe in using it with no further time spent. 🙂

  17. I meant to say #1 matches your sites new “Feel” very well. Sorry.

  18. Yanic Says:

    I like the third one the best, the first two use a futuristic font that doen’t fit well with the theme I think. The font of the third is kinda playful.

    However in nr 3, the font is too small compared to the graphic blob whereas in the first two, the text is much more pronounced.

    Perhaps the font of nr3 with the design of nr 2?

  19. Webmogul Says:

    I would have to go with #1. The blue stands out better for ‘bingo’. The 3rd one fits into the whole web 2.0 look, with the ‘puffy’ look to it.

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