Still More Graphical Fiddling Going On

Now that Easter is over and the accompanying surge and then dearth of traffic has passed I thought I would get cracking on the graphical twiddling.

The site, as it looked five minutes ago:

Old Header And Buttons

 The site, as it looks now:

New Header and Buttons

There are also buttons in matching styles on the card download pages.  You can see it on the page about, say, a set of bingo cards about Japanese customs.

This set of logos is all done by Logo Samurai, including the header (with integration work by Gursimran).  Since it is technically difficult to split test the header on my current setup I’m going to have to sort of fudge it (i.e. look at the metrics for the next two weeks and see if it causes major changes or not).   Not the world’s best experimental design but oh well…

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9 Comments on “Still More Graphical Fiddling Going On”

  1. Joey Says:

    I think it looks better but changing the logo might be a disastrous thing – I mean if you thought changing the layout/style was bad…

    Maybe not though – It’ll be interesting to see if it has any negative effect.

  2. Much better logo! The text “Bingo Card Creator” is now readable and the icon of a bingo card reinforces your product.

    I’ve got a suggestion for your page layout too. Your section titles have a big blue background that visually breaks up the flow of the text. You might consider getting rid of the title backgrounds in favor of large/bold text with a white background so the vertical column of text runs together.

  3. Luke Says:

    I like the changes to the site. Very nice. I have a question about your screenshots. Why did you decide to use Lightbox JS instead of PopBox!? Was it subjective or where there practical reasons? Thanks.

  4. Boofus McGoofus Says:

    “Easter is over”? I don’t know if you meant the “surge and dearth” (ooh — good band name) of the pre-Easter period, but if you were waiting until Easter Sunday was over to make your changes, you may have jumped the gun. I assume that many of your customers are based in the States, where some of us are 17 hours behind you.

    I think the logo is an improvement (don’t forget to update the logo on your blog!) , but I actually prefer the old buttons for downloading and purchasing. The new text looks pretty cramped to me.

  5. ScottK Says:

    I like the new header color and logo combination. The buttons aren’t better than the old ones though, except for the anti-aliasing. The font used on the buttons is to heavy, it looks smashed together.

  6. I think that the change from a blue ‘swoosh’ in the header to a green one with the new logo was a good move. The font for the ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Download’ buttons seems to be a but less clear visually than the previous font. fwiw: I don’t if it was just me or not but with a clear web browser cache they were the last items on the page to load.

    I’ll be interesting to see how your sales stats stand up with the new design… to bad you can’t directly A/B test the old vs. the new site.

  7. I really like your new logo!

    Btw I wonder if the icon beside the purchase and download buttons will help. I’ve heard that it usually does, but without hard metrics it’s hard to know for sure…

  8. Patrick Says:

    I don’t if it was just me or not but with a clear web browser cache they were the last items on the page to load.

    Ouch, disastrously true! I will have to make a server configuration change or three to solve this, as currently they’re getting pushed below a 150 kb JPG in the loading order (that most people don’t even see! oof!). I also made one other change which should make things slightly more responsive (caching Javascript & CSS to reduce the number of requests required for that crucial first page load).

  9. jivlain Says:

    I think the new site looks really nice.

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