Pretty, New Competitor To Google Analytics

For those of you who are a little askance with the idea of handing over your information to the Google Borg, there is a new analytics package out there you might like: Clicky.  Having used it for a day or two, it doesn’t offer all that much unique from Analytics which is useful to a uISV, but it has some usability wins (no need to tag URLs on your website, automatically tracks downloads and inbound/outbound links, etc), and there are features to stalk particular folks across your site if you’re into that sort of thing.  Personally I wouldn’t suggest it but if you had a webapp with a privacy policy which allowed it it might be a useful support tool.

One thing folks sometime neglect when making a webapp, and I’m certainly guilty, is making it look gorgeous.  Clicky does not have that problem.  I’ll be honest: I signed up precisely because it had the “new car smell” to it.

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One Comment on “Pretty, New Competitor To Google Analytics”

  1. Scott Kane Says:

    Thanks for this Patrick, I’d meant to try Clicky but forgot at the time. Just went to the site. Very pretty indeed. Signed up for an account (probably same reason as you ) and will see how it goes.



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