Incredible Interest In The 30 Day Sprint

I was sort of expecting maybe one or two folks to actually get back to me about the 30 day June cooperative development sprint that I proposed the other day.  There are, hmm, substantially more than two folks interested.  Well, great, the more the merrier. 

In the interest of not totally overwhelming everyone and also keeping the amount of administration to an absolute minimum (I will be, shall we say, sort of busy that month… 😉 ) , Sohail (fellow BoSer who wanted something like this to get organized) and I are going to set up a unified RSS feed.  (Basically, its like PlanetMicroISV except it only contains posts about this project, and it doesn’t have a dedicated website.  If you don’t know how to use RSS yet, I recommend

We encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed and post here with the category or tag level feed for your own blogs which is specific to this challenge.  For example, if you were me, and you were diligent about filing these posts under the category 30days, your feed address would be .  This will hopefully keep the signal to noise ratio of the unified RSS feed fairly high.

Participants In No Particular Order

(If your name isn’t on this list but you got in contact with me, it is either because I wasn’t quite sure if you wanted to be publicly acknowledged or I missed it in the torrent of email.  My apologies.)

Scott Kane

“I Hate Integers”

Steve McLeod


Simon Shutter

Peter Row

Marcus McConnell

Bracken Mosbacker

Tarek Demiati

Joel Marcey

Yakov Vorobyev

If I missed you or you have a feed URL which you’d like added, kindly drop it in the comments to this post.  Akismet, the WordPress anti-spam package, sometimes doesn’t play well with links in comments.  Rest assured that even if it doesn’t pop up automatically I’ll be hunting to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Alrighty, thats all the time I have for today.  Come back on the 1st for the official kickoff of my project, and hopefully my first of many comments on what other folks are coming up with.  See you in June!

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22 Comments on “Incredible Interest In The 30 Day Sprint”

  1. Joe Says:

    Patrick: Would you be willing to share the scripting you are using to aggregate the syndication feeds?

  2. Patrick Says:

    I would if I had any clue what it was! Sohail took care of that one. I think it is probably a built-in feature in Feedburner but I bet if you ask him he can help you out.

  3. Sohail Says:

    Hey Joe,

    I used Fantastic tool. I shudder to think what it would be if it were Microsoftized.

  4. mentalprocreation Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I’ve just started first blog ever on :

    How do I get my “30days” post routed to your unified feed ?


  5. Sohail Says:

    Hey mentalprocreation,

    I’ve added it. It should be picked up soon.

  6. tc7 Says:

    Here’s another for you :).

    New blog, new product that I’ve been kicking around for a while. What better time, I mused, what better time than now to put it out there for public ridicule than when I have nothing complete?

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to your stuff.

  7. Joe Says:

    Sohail & Patrick: thanks for the info on Yahoo Pipes!


  8. mentalprocreation Says:

    Question :

    How many of you have already got at least a product under their belt ?

  9. Mom Says:

    Dear Patrick,

    Brian just told me of your new ways to start up a new idea and maybe eliminate copycats. I love reading your creative inducements for your readers. I think you will come to a happy, win-win situation July 1. Don’t lose any sleep over this! [Brian revises: Don’t lose too much sleep over this!]

    Love, Mom

  10. Bracken Says:

    Okay, mine is ready to go now. My name was listed in the post, but I didn’t have a link yet. Sadly the dns changes for my domain haven’t propagated yet, but I have a temporary address that can be used.
    The Blog:
    The 30days feed:

    Once the dns change propagates in the next week or so those addresses will redirect to just So they’ll still work, but it might be good if they get updated once that happens. 😉 Thanks.

  11. Sherrie Says:

    Sohail, please add me to the feed:


  12. Bracken Says:

    Well, It looks like I should have just waited another day before posting. My domain has propagated (for me at least). If it’s not too much trouble it’d be nice if my feed could be changed to:
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Susan Says:

    Hi Patrick and all,

    I’d like to join in the 30 day challenge, also. I’ve started on my blog, the feed for it is here:

    Thanks for doing this – it’s going to be fun!

  14. Mike W Says:

    Hello Patrick and all the 30day’ers,

    I’d like to join you with the 30 day challenge, and I’ve made my first “day 0” post here:

    And the feed for the aggregation is:

    That link above should give you just the 30day challenge and none of the other stuff on my blog 🙂



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  16. Rasmus Says:

    You can check out my own “one week” challenge on (who needs 30 days :)) on:


  17. Patrick Says:

    I would love being able to compress this into one week… Of all the times to get swamped at work…

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