Best App Name Among Sprinters

Don’t Wreck My PC.  While I personally really appreciate the ability to have keywords in program name, because it will be far and away the most common anchor text, for sheer brandability and selling the program, that name just rocks.  (Your program name is also your USP.  Sweet deal) 

I also love the logo — bright and colorful does great things in B2C.  Suggestion: skin the app so that it uses this same color pallete and general style for buttons & etc.  Oh crikey does that help conversions (by about 50% when I made my app look more Fisher Pricey).

Don't Wreck My PC

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2 Comments on “Best App Name Among Sprinters”

  1. Hi Patrick – Thanks for the positive feedback! Naming is another of those pesky jobs (like website design) that’s almost impossible to judge for yourself – you need to get the thing out there and see what people think. I’m glad this one seems to have gone down well.

    As for skinning the app, I’m way ahead of you. 😎 My half-finished opening dialog prominently features that same logo, and has a matching colour scheme. Screenshots on their way in the next couple of days.

  2. Perry Marshall has a great tip for name picking.

    Write up your names.

    Write a Google ad, which points to some place relevant(ish)
    for a single keyowrd with reasonable related traffic

    For each name, create an ad using the name as the headline.
    Evaluate based on the CTR.

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