Bad News and Bad News and Good News

A situation that has been really stressing me out recently has resolved itself.  Sadly, it did not resolve itself to my benefit, but it is no longer hanging in the air, which means I can get on with life.  Unfortunately, as I’m looking at the remaining days on the calendar, it looks impossible to recover the time I lost these last two weeks worrying about it, so I’m likely not going to have a saleable application at the end of 30 days.  Ahh well.  I’ll throw myself into the work again from tomorrow, and continue supporting the rest of y’all, with the new goal to have something to show in public by the 1st and then do the actual release sometime after that. 

I would happily launch with a half-finished app that doesn’t even have billing integrated, but the nature of widgets is that they exist on third party sites, and half-finished could very well mean that widgets break on third party sites, which is just not good behavior.

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5 Comments on “Bad News and Bad News and Good News”

  1. Scott Kane Says:


    While I’m pleased something troubling has been resolved for you I am disapointed and saddened that you find yourself in this position. Without you none of us would have gotten past day one, principally because you suggested the excellent 30 Day idea to begin with.

    However – what goes around as they say – and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to pull something together soon, maybe not soon enough perhaps, but you can bet that when you do we’ll all make darn sure we blog about it for you!

  2. Mike Wilson Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I concur with Scott.

    I hope you can find time to get your project back on it’s rails. We’re all having to cut back on the feature creep and if you’re able to release something to tantalise us you’d have gotten a lot further than most of the bloggers who set out on the challenge. And of course, we’ll review you once you release. The 30 day challenge was your idea, after all!

    All the best,


  3. Hi Patrick,

    As Mike and Scott have mentioned, we owe you for getting this 30-day thing off the ground and I thank you for that. I’m sure that you will be soon back up on the 30-day scene (maybe a part 2?). Just give us a shout about your new product and we’ll talk about it. Good luck.


  4. n! Labs Says:

    Patrick, are you publicly saying what your new project is?

  5. Patrick Says:

    Yeah — I went into it earlier this month. It is an online hosted service for creating widgets. See earlier posts in the same category as as this post, you should find it pretty easy.

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