Big Writeup About The New Cart

I wrote up approximately everything I know about shopping carts, plus everything I learned from my recent experience rewriting one, and made a proper article about it.  It ginormous.  It is also probably one of the best things I have ever written regarding my uISV, so if the topic interests you, go have a gander.

It includes a bunch of high level theorizing, some stats from BCC, and more code than you can shake a stick at.  (I released the whole cart into the public domain.)

Why put it on my site rather than the blog?  Well, it uses live data and integrates directly into the site, for one thing.  For another, I’m kind of hoping folks will say “Ooh, that is some wonderful stuff” and link to it.

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8 Comments on “Big Writeup About The New Cart”

  1. Jacob Gorban Says:

    Hi Patrick.

    Your shopping cart looks and behaves fast and good. I consider switching to e-junkie myself and your JS cart makes it only better.

    But, what I don’t understand yet is if it’s possible to setup and use coupon code discounts with your cart, or only with e-junkie.

    I see you only have amount discounts but I don’t see ability to use coupons.

    Also, how to handle paid upgrades? (Might be possible with coupons).

  2. Paul Johnson Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I’m probably being stupid, but I got down to the bit where I was supposed to be surprised by the second cart, and I couldn’t work out what I was supposed to be surprised by. I think it may be because the cart remembers the settings from the previous time. Or I’m just not acting like a proper customer!

    Also LightBox is great for screenshots, but I don’t think you should link to it from what look like page links. I held down Ctrl and clicked on the “best take ever” text expecting a page to open in another tab on my browser, and was very confused for a moment.

    But then, as you can tell, I’m easily confused!

  3. Rich Says:

    Agree with the above poster who mentioned the non-surprising behavior. For me the before and after ejunkie links do the same thing (just a cart, no effect).

  4. Patrick Says:

    Do you get taken to a page on when you click on them? If so, that means that you’ve either got Javascript disabled (in which case you’re not going to have too much fun with a JS-intensive cart) or I have a fairly serious bug on my hands. I’d love if you could tell me what browser, etc you are using.

    (Also, if you’re clicking Open in a New Tab out of habit, you’re doing a poor job of simulating an elementary school English teacher 😉 )

  5. Paul Johnson Says:

    >>Do you get taken to a page on when you click on them?

    No, for both buttons clicking ‘Buy Now’ opens a lightbox style shopping cart, then ‘GoogleCheckout’ takes me to… Google Checkout! There may have been a difference but I didn’t spot it. Even if there is one, I think it would make sense for you to describe the ‘surprise’ in the text. If it doesn’t happen for some people, they (we) will probably accept that it does for other people. But not knowing what it is, makes the rest of the article seem not worth reading.

    >>if you’re clicking Open in a New Tab out of habit, you’re doing a poor job of simulating an elementary school English teacher!

    Fair enough, so forget the new tab, if I just click on the link, then I find myself on what looks like a new page (the darkened background isn’t so obvious for some reason – perhaps because I have a small monitor). After reading it, I expect to click the back button, not a close box. I just think if it looks like a page link, it should act like a page link. If it’s a button/screenshot, I’m prepared for something different.

    I’m using Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Linux by the way. Yes, I know – not simulating an elementary school English teacher very well! (Unless they have an eeepc.)

  6. Bracken Says:

    I think the surprise is that the second one loads so fast. For me, when I click the e-junkie one I get the little spinning wheel thing for 2-3 seconds, but with the second one there is no delay at all.

  7. Patrick Says:

    The surprise is that if you click Buy CD on the e-junkie cart you get an error message instructing you to

    1) Select Country
    2) Enter zip code
    3) Hit update cart
    4) Try to checkout again

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